sxsw adventures

Ooooooooh boy. What a week. Killa rolled out to Austin, TX for SXSW. There was a lot of debauchery, a rodeo, schemes, and fun events.

Nappy drew at a party thrown by Green Label (Mountain Dew x Complex). Joey Bada$$, A-Trak and many others performed. They also asked Killa to be on camera, playing their version of Cards Against Humanity

Kila also drew at a shindig thrown by Paige Denim & The Infatuation. Lots of bbq and tunes.

In the evenings, Killa did a 2 night residency at swanky cocktail lounge, Garage.

Nappy painted at Hope Outdoor Gallery, with his buddy Subs JDI RTH.

Over some hungover tex mex breakfast, Killa & his high school homie Stinson (head of digital at Mountain Dew) decided to buy some pearl snaps and cowboys then head out to a rodeo. It was awesome. Dwight Yoakem performed too on a rotating stage.

Oh, and the food in Austin!!

The crew definitely crashed every dope party that we could sneak into, or have enough clout to skip the lines.

IF IT AINT ABOUT THIS NAPKIN MONEY, THEN WHY YOU CALLIN? Recap of #sxsw parties in #gif form. With my goons @bobmotown @sirstinson @dwyski

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Killa documented a lot of the shows he saw and the odd adventures had with the crew. Nap calls this Drawnzo Journalism, whenever he's out traveling and documents what he sees with drawings. This time, he combined videos from the shows and combined with a drawing.

@prodigymobbdeep & @mobbdeephavoc of #MobbDeep a couple nights ago @mohawkaustin chillin in VIP

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Today the squad went to @punksgitcut & @theotherfudge's art show @NoComplyATX skate shop. The homie picked up a quad of that sticky. I went into the bathroom to roll a spliffy. My drunk ass leaves the bud jar in the bathroom. When I realize & go back, it's gone. Someone tells me these skater kids ran out looking excited about something. The whole team walks around the back to find these kids at the skate park. We approach who we thought it was and Nappy K gets a little too aggressive. They say it was some little 13 yr old. We ended up getting more tree from the kids and smoked em out. Then I drew this to commemorate it & gave it to them. All good. Some young gun had a great day thanks to my forgetfulness. Thanks for being good sports @verdeloc @brandonyabishh #nocomply #drawnzojournalism #housepark #atx #austin #sxsw #jayhowell #travismillard

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